Hypnotische Maagband Training
Hypnotische Maagband Training
15 september 2014 
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Hypnotische Maagband Training

“Virtual Gastric Band Training For Therapists

Saturday 11th -Sunday 12th October 2014

We are delighted to announce this official Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Banding Training for Therapists in Europe for 2014. Join us and here’s what you’ll get:


  • The FULL official world famous Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band Therapy Program for Therapists.
  • STEP-BY-STEP TRAINING through a tried and tested, four week, four session process that enables you to help your clients achieve the weight loss results they are looking for.
  • KEY MARKETING SKILLS to attract as many clients as possible to your business.
  • CERTIFICATION recognising you as an authorised accredited Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band Therapist.
  • The opportunity (for a small additional cost) to have your profile and details appear on the Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band Practitioners website, so that clients near you can find your details.
  • SCRIPTS for all four sessions, CD recordings (hospital sounds, example of individualised script), complete manual and all the materials you’ll need to set up your own VGB practice.
  • ALL THIS for the cost of the first client booking you make with the Program!


Photographs below of a client Sheila worked with recently.





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As you know, gastric band surgery is a form of weight loss surgery, or ‘bariatric surgery,’ used as a last resort treatment for people with potentially life-threatening obesity, when all other treatments, such as diet and exercise, have been unsuccessful.

Gastric banding involves surgery to place a band around the stomach, leaving a small pouch at the top of the stomach, which restricts the amount people eat, taking less time to fill and consequently feel full.

Most people lose approximately half of their excess body weight within two years. The treatment is reversible and the band can be removed, if required.

Although gastric band surgery is often successful for aiding weight loss, as with all invasive surgery, there are potential risks and complications, including infection, blood clots, internal bleeding, gallstones, gastric band slippage and further surgery required to repair or adjust the band, if needed.

For this reason, most surgeons typically only perform gastric band surgery for those with a clinical need. For those with private health insurance, the typical out-of-pocket cost of the various surgical interventions, including pre-operative assessment and post-operative care in the first year, is in the region of $3,000-$5,000.

Studies have revealed the potential of hypnotherapy as a useful adjunct to weight loss programmes, such as diet and exercise, and gastric-band hypnotherapy is an innovative approach that aims to support weight loss, similarly to gastric band surgery, without the potential risks and complications.


If you had the tools to help your clients with their weight, to help them succeed in losing weight where diets haven’t worked, do you think you’d run out of work any time soon? Sadly, the statistics reveal that there is not much chance of that…

  • Based on latest available data, more than half (52%) of the adult population in the European Union are overweight or obese. The prevalence of overweight and obesity among adults exceeds 50% in no less than 18 of 27 EU states.
  • At current rates, by the time they reach 20 our children will have a shorter life expectancy than earlier generations, simply through obesity
  • More than 55 million people in the Europe Region have diabetes; by 2030 this will rise to 64 million.

How does the Virtual Gastric Band Program work? Mind over matter

  • CONVINCES your client that he or she has had the restrictive mechanism fitted in their stomach
  • CHANGES how your client thinks about food, and
  • INFLUENCES small, realistic changes to your client’s eating habits.

The therapy is about you helping your client develop a healthy, natural weight control system, based on the natural biological signals of eating when hungry and stopping when full, rather than forming an emotional attachment to eating. Hypnotherapy can address emotional and psychological issues at the root of your client’s ultimate need to begin – and continue – overeating.

During the first session, you conduct a thorough consultation to establishes your client’s current eating habits, and identify problematic areas such as comfort eating, not being able to leave food on a plate, even if full, large portion sizes, unhealthy cravings, and so on.

You can then discuss with your client relevant areas such as healthy eating patterns, mindful eating, and exercise, before setting goals using visualisation techniques – for example, your client imagining herself looking slim and healthy in a certain item of clothing.

Changing mind sets

During the gastric band “procedure,” and using the script you’re provided with in this training, you guide your client into hypnosis, until she reaches a point of deep relaxation, where you can access your client’s subconscious and increase her susceptibility to positive suggestion. You then take your client descriptively through the operation step by step, from being put under anaesthetic and the journey on a trolley to the operating theatre, through to the operation and the application of the gastric band.

The use of hospital sounds and smells can be recreated to enhance that experience, such as the smell of antiseptic and the beeping of a hospital heart monitor – and in the training you’ll receive your own copy of that hospital recording, as well as tips on other ways to increase the client’s experience.

Although your client remains aware of what’s going on around her, through the subconscious mind, the boundaries of what is real and pretend are blurred, so that imagining the surgical procedure can influence real physical responses in your client. Everyone experiences different effects from gastric band hypnotherapy, with some people experiencing the sensation of physical tightening in their stomach, while others are unable to identify any conscious connection to the ‘surgery,’ but are naturally eating less.

Following the gastric band procedure, subsequent sessions combine hypnotherapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, such as guided imagery, metaphors, and certain aversion techniques, to help release any emotional blockages and reinforce the new way of eating. All these techniques are taught during this training.

Health benefits of the Virtual Gastric Band Program

Gastric band hypnotherapy can be useful not only for general health benefits through supporting weight loss in overweight and obese clients, it can also potentially reduce the risk of developing other conditions associated with obesity, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and so on. It can also be useful for those with metabolic disorders potentially affecting weight, including polycystic ovary syndrome and under active thyroid.


Sheila Granger


Sheila Granger is a UK Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author and trainer. Her clinical practice is based in a doctor’s surgery. She is an international lecturer and delivers training for Associations around the world in unique Hypnotherapy Programmes and business building strategies for therapists. Her Virtual Gastric Programme has been clinically trialled in the UK, and she guest lectures in Universities on Master Degree Programmes. Sheila has been featured on BBC News and regularly features in Newspapers and magazines.





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9.30am-5:30pm Saturday 2nd and Sunday 11TH and 12th October 2014


Van der Valk Motel Dennenhof Bredabaan 940, 2930 Brasschaat , Antwerp, Belgium

Cost: 547 Euros

Early Bird Special: We have a strictly limited number of Early Bird Special Tickets available, offering two additional bonus items:

  • FREE half-day online marketing program with Sheila Granger
  • FREE copy of Sheila Granger’s Guide to Building A Successful Private Practice”





Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter this event?

There certainly are: to attend you must be 18 or over. There are no exceptions.


Do I need to be trained in hypnosis to attend?

Not necessarily. In order to undertake this training you need to be a trained or training hypnotherapist; a psychologist; medical doctor; or NLP practitioner. If you are in doubt as to whether you are able to undertake this training, please email the organiser Brigitte Hendrickx stitchandstone@telenet.be


Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Email Brigitte Hendrickx stitchandstone@telenet.be; or call her on +32 476 56 04 88

‘Sheila’s training has been responsible for a 20% increase in my practice’, William Engle


Dr Dave Hillis, Toronto October 2012As I am counting so many of the blessing in this past year…..YOU are one of the greatest blessings that I am sooooo grateful for this year!!  Your program….as I was able to obtain health goals that I didn’t even know were possible for me personally…(lost 61 pounds now… J )  and wow the absolute honor to be blessed to provide the VGL program for now counting 46 folks since I was with you in Toronto!

Bob Huntinga, Toronto 2012We have netted around $9000 since starting this in October.  It is great example of something being off my radar.   I was programming for a big increase in my business.   I knew nothing about you and your VGB.  This is the most elegant piece of hypnosis that I have seen since Milton Erickson.

Sheila just wanted to drop you a big thanks – I have been seeing clients for VGB since Oct last year and must say I derive consistently great results. I have a client who since January has lost 4stone 8lbs and on going to her GP surgery for an MOT the nurse was amazed to see her cholesterol test
was down from 7.9 to 3.8 she was absolutely delighted and so was the doctor! The “nurse” who took the readings is now a client of mine too – although she only needs to lose a stone she is doing really well and has reached her lowest weight for 10 years. She tells me stories of those who have had ACTUAL surgery & stories of those who lose a lot – only to put it all back on again by overriding” their band!!! I now have my first client coming from America Gina   Gina Fee UK Hypnotherapist

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